Jeff Brown

On August 22nd, Silicon Valley insider Jeff Brown Is Holding an Urgent Event Called:

The Final Phase of the 5G Boom

How to Stake Your Claim Before It’s Too Late

“On October 1st, the biggest 5G growth phase will begin. Up to $12.3 trillion will be unleashed,
and dozens of tiny stocks could soar. Join me as I reveal my script for
finding the best 5G plays before they go parabolic.” — Jeff Brown

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Event Details

DATE: August 22nd
8:00 PM ET

WHERE: Private website
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Dear Reader,

On Thursday, August 22 at 8 pm ET, we’re holding an urgent 5G investment summit… and you’re invited to attend for FREE.

In this one-time-only event, Silicon Valley insider Jeff Brown will give you a behind-the-scenes look at this revolutionary technology and show you:

  1. Why dozens—possibly hundreds—of tiny 5G-related stocks could take off in the coming weeks
  2. His “script” for finding the best ones
  3. And the #1 company on his watchlist—FREE

Why Now?

Already, small 5G-related companies have given everyday folks the chance at gains as high as 524%, 600%, 1,071%, and more.

But on October 1st, a major 5G event is going to take place… and Jeff believes it’s going to kick the 5G boom into high gear.

A $12.3 trillion windfall is set to hit the market… dozens of small companies could soar… and early investors will have the chance to make some of the biggest gains of their life.

If you make the right moves, you have a realistic shot at watching a series of small investments return 500%, 1,000%, even a rare and exceptional 2,000% or more.

But only if you act quickly…

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Here’s What You’ll Get When
You Register

  • Jeff’s unique “script” for spotting small 5G plays.

    Jeff picked the #1 stock in the S&P 500 in 2016 and again in 2018. Anybody who followed his advice could have made as much as 1,011% over the long term.

    What’s more, as an angel investor, his personal investments have soared as high as 263%, 807%, 1,194%, and even an estimated 25,000%.

    He’s one of the best tech investors alive today. He’s been investing in each wireless generation going back to the 2G era. Now, in this special event, he’s sharing his 3-part 5G investment “script”—you’ll get all the details just for attending.

  • The #1 5G company on his watchlist.

    Jeff estimates that not 1 in 100 people have heard of this 5G company… let alone invested in it. During the event, you’ll get its name—completely free.

  • A sneak peek at Jeff’s top pick to buy now.

    This company is tiny—worth around $200 million. Yet it makes a key component that every 5G phone is going to need… and it’s locked down the key patents. You’ll get more details during the event.

  • Unrestricted access to Jeff’s 5G training site.

    Jeff’s prepared an in-depth training site that will tell you everything about this new technology.

    What is it? How will it change your life in the immediate future? Why are so many powerful people and organizations pushing it forward? Is it safe?

    You’ll get the 5G story you’re not getting anywhere else—straight from an insider.

  • And much, much more!

Note: Jeff’s never shared this information in any of his previous 5G events and presentations. The only way you can access this material is through this special event.

This is Your Last Chance to
Get In Early on the 5G Revolution

Jeff’s a 27-year Silicon Valley veteran. He’s been involved in wireless technology going back to the 2G era—including as an executive at Qualcomm, one of the leading wireless technology companies in the world.

He’s been profiting from wireless technology companies going back to the ‘90s.

Now, for the first time on Thursday, August 22 at 8 pm ET, he’s going to tell you everything you need to know about this groundbreaking technology… and even show you his strategy for spotting the best 5G companies before they soar.

You won’t want to miss it.

Who Is Jeff Brown?

“Jeff Brown is one of the brightest and most capable individuals I know. If you like to speculate on technology, you should absolutely read his work.”

Bill Bonner

“Jeff Brown, I just wanted to say thank you for the Monday Morning recommendation... You sold me so well that I made a rare, usually too risky for my taste, purchase of call options. Sold them before expiration today for a 54,000% annualized gain! My best trade ever, by far.”

Kirby D.

“I am making a lot of money from [your picks] and have been watching my account balances grow very nicely.”

Patrick S.

Media Appearances

Jeff Brown

Jeff has been featured on CNBC Asia, Channel News Asia (the “CNN of the East”), the Taipei Times, and more. He’s also sat on over 100 expert panels and given more than 100 speeches.

A History of Huge Tech Winners

Jeff has invested in 130 early-stage companies.

According to his estimates:

  • 5 of his investments have reached unicorn status (worth $1 billion or greater in value)
  • 1 investment is a decacorn (worth $10 billion or greater in value)
  • All told, 121 of his investments have delivered positive returns, or are in the money.

Some of his recent recommendations have soared as high as:

Chart Chart Chart

Professional Experience

NXP Semiconductors President of a division

Juniper Networks Vice President

Qualcomm Head of Global Strategy and Development for a division

Trident Microsystems Japan President


Purdue University (the “school of astronauts”) BS, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

London Business School MSc, Corporate Finance (Sloan Fellow)

Stanford University Professional Certificate, Stanford Strategic Decision and Risk Management

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Online certificate course, Fintech: Future Commerce

Yale School of Management Currently enrolled in the exclusive Yale Global Executive Leadership Program. Only 45 people are allowed in each year. To be considered, you need a minimum of twenty years of executive experience. And the bulk of those years must be international.

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