Here’s how to profit from Bill Bonner’s

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It’s the first time Bill Bonner and Doug Casey will share this type of stage, so this is the most significant single event in our firm’s history.

The goal of the Legends of Finance Summit is simple:

Bill unveiled his ambitious Trade of the Century in 2016.

And finally, after months of research. Chris Mayer has devised a specific way to play it…

Why Chris Mayer?

Because Bill Bonner has entrusted $6 million of his family trust money to Chris Mayer’s research.

Chris is known as the “billionaire beater” because his long-term, 10-year track record trounced Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway by more than 2X…

And he also crushed legends like David Einhorn, Carl Icahn and John Paulson.

So, you can see why Bill personally selected Chris’ research for his family money.

Doug Casey has already used the Trade of the Century concept to make phenomenal gains in the millions of dollars over his 5-decade career in speculation.

Including a recent 20-bagger, where he turned $50,000 into $1,000,000.

So, the Legends of Finance Summit will supply you with the best of both worlds: specific speculations AND conservative growth investments…

During this one-hour Legends of Finance Summit, you will also see:

This is your only chance to see Chris Mayer’s “Billionaire Beating” Method…

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FREE access to our February 8th Summit: Bill Bonner, Doug Casey, Chris Mayer and Nick Giambruno will discuss the secret behind Bill Bonner’s audacious Trade of the Century.

Chris and Nick will detail specific ways to play the concept behind the Trade of the Century for profits.

Plus, Doug will reveal how he has used the approach for nearly half a century to make million-dollar windfall after windfall.

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You’ll get the full details on all of this—plus the scoop on actionable investments from Chris Mayer and Nick Giambruno—in your exclusive training series that culminates in the Legends of Finance Summit on February 8th.

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